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Thursday, May 14, 2020

Family in Islam | Family Relationships in Islam

Family in Islam | Family Relationships in Islam

The family is a complete unit or branch in the Islamic social system. The importance of family in Islamic society is immense. A family is formed on the basis of the relationship between men and women. The birth and origin of the family is through marital relationship. For this reason, Islam has facilitated marriage in the society. "Family" is probably the oldest institutional form in human history. The family system is based on the family system. From this point of view, society and family are an integral part of human life.

Family in the eyes of Islam:

 Islam calls the social bond that is formed based on marriage and blood relationship the family. Demands the importance of family and Islam as a unit of society. Many of the laws of Islam that are declared family-centered, such as the rights of husband and wife, the principle of family formation, the principle of property rights are all family laws that are declared in Islam. This also proves that family is an important issue for Islam.

The family perspective of Islam:

Islam also has guidelines for the mutual rights of family members and their responsibilities and duties. Through which it is possible to ensure peace and prosperity of the family. Islam instructs the formation of society through the family system. And family is very important in this concept of Islam. Because it is the only social institution in the family through which it is possible to continue the progress of the social system by producing children in a legal way according to the instructions of Islam.

Family life and responsibilities of husband and wife:

The Qur'an inspires man and woman to improve and intensify this relationship between husband and wife. Instructed both to be sincere and sympathetic towards both. Islam has provided a number of guidelines on family life and the responsibilities and responsibilities of men and women. Allah created man as the guardian of the family. Not only that, men have been entrusted with the responsibility of earning money and cultural and political life.

On the other hand, housework, child rearing, child education and other necessary domestic responsibilities have been entrusted to women. The Prophet (peace and blessings of Allaah be upon him) said: A woman is responsible for her husband and children as the housewife of her husband's house (Bukhari, Hadith. 7138 and Muslim, Hadith. 1829).

Islam has imposed veil on women and has inspired them to fulfill their internal responsibilities in the world. In addition, Islam forbids women to go out of the house under normal circumstances, and to display their ornaments and beauty. Yes, it is said to go out for special needs but to protect the veil: Allah the Almighty says: ‘Stay in your own house. Do not go out like the women of the Dark Ages used to show off their beauty. '(Ahzab: 33)

Wife's manners to sweeten family relationships:

The wife also has many manners to make the family relationship honey. Don't complain about your husband. By doing them, you will be able to attract your husband to you, and at the same time you will get endless reward from Allah. Hazrat Ayesha (R) used to comb the hair of Rasulullah (SAW) with her own hands.

When the husband comes home, say Alhamdulillah, you have come! When the husband leaves the house, the wife will look on and say when she will come again. Try as much as you can to dress according to your husband's tastes, dress modestly, so that he is attracted to you. Try to stay normal in any situation. Refrain from filing grievances and complaints against your husband by highlighting various issues in the world

Talk to everyone in the family with a smile.

 Whoever the wife or family is, the meeting with a smile will bring you many rewards. The Prophet (peace and blessings of Allah be upon him) said, “Do not despise any good deed, ...... (Muslim) The Prophet (peace and blessings of Allah be upon him) said, Majah). Allah says, "When you enter houses, greet one another. .......... ”- (Surah Noor: 61)

The Prophet (peace and blessings of Allah be upon him) used to call Hazrat Ayesha (ra) affectionately ‘Ayesha’ in short, and sometimes ‘Homaira’ which means red or reddish. Therefore, calling a wife by a beautiful name, praising her beauty or expressing her love words with emotion or even exaggerating or making it more sweet and emotional in the matter of husband and wife is not offensive in the eyes of Shariah.

The relationship between parents and children in the family:

The Qur'an contains clear and comprehensive teachings on how children should behave and behave with their parents. It has been said that they (parents) should not say anything as painful as ‘uh’. That is, do not do anything in your words and deeds that may cause them distress. The Qur’an instructs: ‘Humble yourselves before them with love and say: Our Lord! Have mercy on them both as they raised me in my infancy. '(bani-Israel: 24)

Regular family meetings:

Have regular family meetings. The husband should do many things in the world and even his own personal affairs in consultation with his wife. The wife should also complete all the work with the permission of the husband. Trying to be sincere without being indifferent to respect and care for each other's parents and relatives.

Raise the child from halal livelihood:

The Prophet (peace and blessings of Allah be upon him) said, “The meat that has been raised from haram goods cannot enter Paradise. Hell is suitable for him '- (Musnad al-Bari).

Islam is not just a religion but a way of life. Like many other provisions, the family rules are very important in Islam. And it is possible to build a beautiful and prosperous society only by implementing these provisions and guidelines.
Family in Islam | Family Relationships in Islam
Family in Islam


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  2. Excellent post. This article is really very interesting and effective. I think its must be helpful for us. Thanks for sharing your informative.

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