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Tuesday, October 2, 2018

Hijab in quran and Hadith, Is hijab compulsory in islam, The right way to were hijjab, Hijjab style with niqub.

Hijab in quran and Hadith, Is hijab compulsory in islam, The right way to were hijjab, Hijjab style with niqub.

The literal meaning of hijab is that the intervals, covering, Cover, hide, cover, cover, hide etc. In terms of the laws of Islam, male and female males are defined as hijab to cover all organs for everyone

Hijab woman beauty. There is no alternative to hijab system to preserve the status of women. Women Hijab protecting honor and protection So Allah has enforced Hijab in order to get rid of social injustice and fornication.

Hijab in quran and Hadith

Allah  said about the hijab -

Tell the believing women! Let them guard their eyes and hide their shame. Great Allah says, O son of Adam! I have sent you clothes for the protection and beauty of your body.  (Surah Araf 26)

Hadith about Hijab

 Prophet Kareem (peace be upon him) said - Women are the subjects of hijab So when they ignore the curtain and come out, Satan then decorates them with other men's eyes Shows up (Tirmidhi)

Rasoola kareem (peace be upon him) said, O Asma! If a woman is an adult, she will not be able to see any part except her wrist and wrist of both hands.

Is hijab compulsory in islam

As each male woman becomes adulthood, she is attracted to the opposite sex. Allah has allowed marriage to fulfill this sexual desire of a woman. In spite of this, many times when people see the beauty of women, they are tempted by their desires and by the influence of the devil She can not suppress her sexual energy. As a result, she started to complain about illegal women. For this reason, Allah is obliged to keep the hijab in order to keep women from the beauty of men Have done.

To maintain the respect of men and women and to maintain social peace and morality, the importance and significance of the hijab system in Islam is undeniable. Because of the absence of hijab in the age of ignorance, women were oppressed, abused, and consumed by men. The free association of men and women is contrary to human civilization. Islam started the screen system and gave women respect to the nation and the social system has developed beautiful and aesthetic. Therefore, the Hijab system is essential for human beings.

The right way to were hijjab

Many people think that the hijab is just for women. The idea is wrong. Hijab is also essential for men. Allah has commanded Hijab to observe both the men and women in holy Quran. Allah said, "O Prophet, tell the men of the believers to keep their eyes fixed and protect their genitals, so that they have good holiness for them, surely they are aware of what they do, and tell the believing women, Keeps the eye calm and protects genitalia. (Surah Nur: 30).

The Qur'an has given the rule of hijab to women and men very seriously. It is a compulsory provision of the Shari'ah. Women need hijab as well as women need hijab. With the hijab of clothes, it is not necessary to restrict the eyes and mind of men, otherwise it is not possible to prevent rape, eve teasing and molestation.

The time of hijab being obligatory

Two opinions about the time of the Hijab being compiled were observed. Namely
(1) Allama Ibn Katheer said, in 627 AD, the hijab has been made obligatory.
(2) Ruhul Mayani in the commentary has been mentioned, in 628 AD, the hijab has been made obligatory.

If there is no hijab that can be harm

If you do not have the hijab, the family's distrust and turmoil has come down. As a result of not doing the hijab, moral and characteristic structures are facing the final disaster today. Likewise, eve teasing was born in society and sexual violence became a major manifestation.

In the free-mixing society of men and women, created an adverse situation and turned women into consumer goods. Family and social disorder, turmoil, marital disputes and mutual distrust, divorces, women-torture etc. are all behind a major
The reason is not to hijab.
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