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Tuesday, October 2, 2018

Allah defination, Fact about Allah, Who is Allah in Quran, good in Islam.

Allah defination, Fact about Allah, Who is Allah in Quran, good in Islam.

Allah defination, Fact about Allah

Allah is a Arabic word. The name 'Allah' is the creator of the universe and the most used name of Lord. Allah  is the name of a unique being who sees, knows and listens to everything. What we see, hear, I know, he knows. Allah created the whole universe. He who fulfills all the needs of all creatures, is the Allah Almighty. Under the control of everything in the universe. What we do not see, do not hear, nor know, Allah knows that too. Allah does not have any substitute words. There is no other than dignifying the status of Allah.

"The word 'Allah' comes from the word ' Ilahun', which means" The lord. "It is the basic duty of Islam to gain an idea about Allah and to believe in it, it is the essential duty of every Muslim to have a clear and accurate knowledge about it. There is no god, there is no equal to Allah, no name is given in the name of Allah, and no other meaning is in the Arabic language. No sound, he is eternal, infinite. " [Book of Islamic Knowledge, Writer - Iqbal Kabir Mohan]

In ancient times the use of the word "Allah"

     1.  Since the beginning of the human civilization, the word "Allah" was used in ancient Kaldiyani and Suryanian and ancient "Hebrew" to refer to the universal entity of the universe.

      2. The names of Allah's name are found in Eastern Arabia. But it did only mean to be a powerful god. The ideas about Allah were different in different religions. The pagan Arabs of Islam did not think of Allah as one.

      3. The word 'Allah' has been used more than 37 times in the Sikh scripture book.

      4 In many inscriptions of the Saffah mountain of Arabia, the word "Allah" was written from that era and still has.

In Islam, by the word 'Allah', one is unique, the whole, the Creator of all the world, the eternal Allah.

Who is Allah in Quran, good in Islam

  • The Holy Qur'an declares, - He is Allah, there is no god except He, He knows everything secret and open, Raheem "(Surah Hashr 22)

  • The Holy Qur'an declares, - All that is in the heavens and the earth belongs to Allah, if Allah does not reveal your mind or not, then Allah will take account of it from you.(Surah Al-Baqarah 2 84)

  • It is mentioned in the Holy Qur'an that - He is Allah, there is no god except He, the King, the Supreme, the Great, the Pure, the Perfect Peace, the Protector, the Protector, and the conquerors of all conquerors. (Surah Hashar 23)

  • The Qur'an highlights the existence of the Almighty in this way: - The keys of the treasures of the heavens and the earth are centered in His hand, and He gives to whomsoever He wills, and He gives it to whom He pleases." He knows everything.(Surah Ash-Shura 12)

The existence of Allah in scientific argument

"What is the evidence of the existence of Allah?" A Bedouin of ancient Arabia has sought answers to this question in the simplest of logical reasoning, saying that the camel's waste is a proof of the existence of camel, evidence of the donkey's donkey's existence, footprint, and walking.
There is no reason why there is no evidence of the existence of the wise creator of the sky, the path-shaped earth, the sea of ​​waves. " [Dr As Sayadah Al-Abadiyya Fish Shariah Al-Islamiyah: 42]
Fact about Allah

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