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Thursday, January 24, 2019

What does Islam say about Bribery?, Punishment of bribery in islam

What does Islam say about Bribery?, Punishment of bribery in islam

Bribery is a social disorder. Bribes in Islam are completely forbidden. Bribery is a silent death disorder in society. People are not evaluated due to bribe. The bribe disrupts our national development. Bribery is a mortal virus that nullifies all the management of our society. If we can not be free from this curse, our national development will be hampered.

The bribe is a curse name. Cracking the people's social problems through bribery. This is an oppression that is weak and destitute. One man to one human being Disagreements with confidence and faith Bribery involves the disobedience of Allah. Those who are involved in this injustice will face their accountability in the Hereafter.

Bribery is a social disorder. In our present society, bribe has spread like a deadly infectious obstacle. The bribe is not only terrible for the hereafter; Rather, the cause of suffering in our social life. No work without bribe Someone bribes voluntarily, another bribe is forced and hated. The catastrophic disease that has penetrated our society. Humanity is being lost due to bribe The meaning of bribe today is directly or indirectly mixed with our blood flesh.

If the office file is not bribe, then do not go ahead. Thereby, the country and the nation does not have the desired improvement. Among the officials employees, the state of the mercenary goes on. There is no reason to believe that the job that a bribe is employed for bribe. And so there is a lot of suspicion in the mind about how much the student will get from his teacher's job.

Socioeconomic development has been disrupted due to bribe. For the advancement of society, foremost bribe transactions will be closed forever. Bribery transaction must not be said in standard society exchange, the lion's share of the allocated money goes through bribe. Both the bribe and the recipient are involved in some mischief. The bribe takers get involved in various kinds of crimes, getting extra money in the dead.

Bribe transactions make people self-interest. Which is a socially serious crime. In the society and the country, bribery spreads, there is a great increase in fear and terrorism in society. From the Islamic standpoint it is a terrible sin. Islam does not tolerate bribe transactions in any way. Because, accept bribe

That means misappropriation of wealth of others. Which is forbidden. In this connection, Allah said, 'Do not consume one another's wealth illegally among yourselves. Do not bribe the judge in order to consume some of the wealth of human beings, and do not be bribed unjustly. '- (Surah Al-Baqarah: 188)

Allah says:
"They are very interested in lying and are very addicted to eating illegal (bribe)." (Al-Qur'an, 5:42)

The Prophet (peace and blessings of Allaah be upon him) declared both bribe-bidden as forbidden. Amr bin Al-'Ab (may Allah be pleased with him) said, "I heard the Messenger of Allah (peace be upon him) saying: When interest in a nation is widespread, they fall into famine. And when there is a lot of bribe among them, they are afraid of the enemy. (Musnad Ahmad-4/205)

The Prophet (peace be upon him) said - "The meat that has grown from suhut, the fire of hell is more suitable for him. One asked, What is suhat He said, taking bribes in judicial or governance. "
The Prophet (peace be upon him) said - A bribe, bribe taker, intermediary between them, Allah La'nat (Al-Mujamul Kabir Littabrani) on all.

We can do to prevent bribe

Generation of public awareness:

All levels of people should be made aware about the negative social and economic role of the bribe. If there is harmful effects of bribery and its subject matter and the consequences of the afterlife, then it can be easily prevented.

Administrative Accountability:

The government can play an effective role in preventing bribery transactions from the highest level of the government to ensure accountability to the lowest level.

Punishment of bribe loyalists:

If a person accepts bribe or bribe, then he will have to make appropriate punishment.

Human ties, shobha journey

Human bonding, Shobha Jatra, in addition to meeting, schools, colleges, universities, madrasas, mosques, temples must speak and criticize bribes from all levels.

Bribes in Islam are completely forbidden. Both briars and bribe people are hell. Come, let's leave the bribe, and oppose it. Hate it, prevent it.
What does Islam say about Bribery?, Punishment of bribery in islam, Islam to prevent bribe
What does Islam say about Bribery

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