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Tuesday, October 2, 2018

Hell difination, Discription of Hell in islam, Quran verses about Hell, Hell drink, Doctrine of Hell.

Hell difination, Discription of Hell in islam, Quran verses about Hell, Hell drink, Doctrine of Hell. 

Hell difination

Hell means fire, holes of fire, places of punishment, abysmal gabber etc. Hell is hard and painful, humiliation - blurring, humiliation, shame, and the place of discontent is Hell. Fire holes, places of punishment, abyss, etc.

Discription of Hell in islam, Quran verses about Hell

Hell means punishment and punishment. Where the punishment will continue. Hell
Most of the punishments are in the fire, so Hell has been named as a burning fire.
There are seven gates in the hell. According to the extent and proportion of their sin, the people of Hell will enter hell through a specific gate. They tied their hands and neck and tied them in chains They will be thrown into the abyss of hell.

Allah Almighty said, "Have you heard of the day of the horrors?" On that day some faces will be humiliated, tired, tired, they will enter into a burning fire, to drink water from boiling water, and no food will be eaten without poisoning. Does not give nourishment and hunger too. - (Al-Ghashiya 1-7)

Seven Layers of Hell:

There are seven levels of hell:             
1 Jahannam    2 sayre       3 Hutamah       4 laza       5 Sakar       6 Jahim      7 Habeya

Hell drink , The horrors of hell

The molten ponds of the people will be made to drink
And the molten punga will be made to drink, which will make it stupid, and it will become impossible. The pains of death from the four sides will consume him, but still his Will not die. "(Surah Ibrahim: 16-17)

The fiery and merciless angels will shine the fire of hell

Allah said, O believers! Save yourselves and your family from the fire of hell, whose fuel will be men and stones, those angels who are strictly harsh and rough, do not violate what God has commanded, and do the only thing that is ordered. (Surah At-Tahrim, verse 06)

The fire of hell will separate the flesh from the bones from the body

The first spark of hell fire will separate the flesh from the bones of the people of hell. Allah ta'ala says, hell will burn their faces. They are there Shamelessness will take shape. (Surah Alamuminun, verse 104)

In hell, the unbeliever will be like the hill of Ohod

In hell, the unbeliever will be like the hill of Ohud. The Prophet (peace be upon him) said - "In the hell, the dofir's teeth will be equal to the mountains of Oahod and the thickness of the skin will be equal to the distance of three days." (Muslim, 28851)

Hell will roar

Seeing the people of Gehenna from afar, Hell will be in rage and in anger that will be the noise The unbelievers and the sinners will then become unconscious. Allah ta'ala said, when they see the hell from them, they will hear the thunder and hail of hell.
(Surah Al-Furqan, Ayat 12).

Hot water will be poured on the head of the hell

The hot hot water will be poured over them on their head, so that they are in their stomach
All objects and skin (melon) will be melted and they contain iron rods.
Whenever they try to get out of hell, they will be resisted and they will be told to continue the punishment of the burn. "
(Surah Hajj: 19-22)

The food of the people of hell

Five kinds of drinks will be provided to the people of hell
    1 Tinatul khabal or sweat Tinatul khalal, a poisonous poison and pus, which is ready for the people of hell.
   2 Maun Hamim or deadly hot water.
   3. Gassak: Gassak is a lake which will be deposited there by the blood of the people, sweat and pus, etc.
   4 Maun kalamahal or oily drinks.
   5 Moun cddi: Or pus and blood emitted from the wound.

The people of hell will wish for death:

The people of hell will continue to seek death but they will never die. Allah ta'ala said, and when they are thrown into a very narrow place of hell, they will call on death, it will be said to them: Do not call for a single death today, but call many deaths. (Surah Al-Furqan, verse 13, 14)
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