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Monday, August 13, 2018



Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) said that if any person in the world had heard the words of the grave, he would have been keenly bursting. Regarding the fear of hell, Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) also said,

1. There will be 70 reinterpretations of hell, and each of them will have 70 thousand angels and they will drag it. Muslim.

2. The heat of the world's fire consumes 1 percent of the heat of hell fire. (Bukhari, Muslim - Abu Huraira (ra).------------------------

3. As punishment for wearing fire shoes, his brain will be boiling, which will be the lowest punishment in hell. (Bukhari, Muslim - Numan ibn Bashir (ra).-----------------------------

4. The lowest punishment of the people of hell will be Abu Talib. Two legs of fire will be put on his legs, so the head of his headWill stay in the boats (Bukhari - Ibn Abbas (ra).-----------------------

5. The richest person in the world will be taken out of the fire. He will be told, you enjoyed happiness in Tadunia? He will not say, I have never enjoyed happiness. (Muslim - Anas (ra).---------------------------

6. Although the person who received the lowest and easy punishment of the fire, had wealth in the earth, he tried to get rid of this torment in return.(Bukhari, Muslim - Anas)------------------------

7. Among the people of Hell, fire of hell will reach somebody's knees, some of their knees, their waist, and their necks. (Bukhari, Muslim - Samura bin ZunDub (ra).--------------------------

8. In hell, one of the disbelievers will be like the hill of Hahud, its skin will be 3 times thick in length. (Bukhari, Muslim - Abu Huraira(ra).

Allah ! Please save us from the terrible punishment of hell.
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