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Monday, August 13, 2018

Science in Quran

Science in Quran 

If you do not acquire knowledge, then it is not known that cosmology is not understood, and Allah can not be recognized. There are many scientific statements in the holy Quran. No Surah of the Holy Qur'an will be found where Allah has not discussed directly or indirectly in acquiring knowledge.

There are many scientific statements in the Holy Quran. Although all the science-related statements are not yet verified by examinations, about 80 to 90% of these messages have been proven to be true based on the most well-known scientific information. If people are motivated by knowledge in the light of the holy Qur'an, they will gradually emerge from the mood of falsehood in the clear light of truth will be exposed to the human eye. With the help of far-reaching thinking, people can easily find the true truth from all the existing traditions.

It is not right to call the Qur'an as "the science book", because this hypocrisy is not just a science but a combination of life-style aspects of life. Al-Qur'an includes prayers, fasting, science, state policy, economy, cleanliness, family, society, Etc. There are basic patterns and information about life-related issues.

Originally "Holy Quran" is a great creator sent by the great creator, "life-giving" in the holy Qur'an, Allah repeatedly urged wise and thoughtful people to think about the diversity of his creation. Because of this, when a wise man conducts deep thinking and research about the mysteries of the creation of the universe, then with respect and faith, the Creator of the universe and the Almighty will not bow down to the Almighty.

As Allah Almighty said in the Holy Quran -

"Verily there are signs in the heavens and the earth for the believers."
 (Surah Jassiyah 45:03)

 Allah  says in the holy Qur'an- There is no doubt about the creation of the heavens and the earth, and the rotation of the night and the day is for those who have insight, understanding,
(Surah Al-Imran 3: 190)

Allah  says in the holy Qur'an- And the sun is running to its destination, it is declared by the Almighty, Omniscient (Allah) and the command / control of the dignity of the law."
(Surah Yaseen 36:38)

Allah  says in the holy Qur'an - Do not those who disbelieve see that the heavens and the earth were mixed in the same way, then I separated them both, and We created everything from water, even though they would not believe?"
(Surah Anbiya 21:30)

Allah  says in the holy Qur'an - and the sun rises in front of its destination; It is declared by the Almighty, Omniscient (Allah) and the honorable command / control of the law.
(Surah Yaseen 36:38)

Allah  says in the holy Quran - And He is the only Being who has created the day and night, the sun and the moon, all of them are moving in one orbit."

Therefore practical life, including science and technology, with urgent religious knowledge for Muslims To gain all knowledge and to think about the diversity of the creation of Allah.
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