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Saturday, August 18, 2018

Islamic Pictures

Islamic Pictures

Draw Landscape

 Landscape means - such as rural areas in homes, plants, rivers, boats, mountains; Draw a picture of flower gardens, sky-roots, etc. It is permissible to draw landscapes in the provision of Islamic Sharia. But in the present world, the painting is not the nature of the painting. But landscaped image enhances the country's love of a country's people

 What is permissible to print until the digital photo is printed?

Scientific research proves that the stability and stability of the digital photo is not there. According to them, digital images are not really included in the film.
So, before printing the photographs, it will be permissible to say that it is not a picture, but it should not be said that it should be shadowed, but its validity will be limited to the need.
(Tafsiru Ayatil Ahkam-2/300)

Until the photo of animals (except for pornography and photos of women), Zayyaz said that Jamia Binnuriya's Fatwa Division of Pakistan.

What is permissible to paint animals?

It is illegal to draw pictures of animals in Islamic Sharia. Including pictures of people, birds and other animals.

Ibn Muqatil (May Allah be pleased with him) reported: Abu Talha said, "I heard the Messenger of Allah saying that there is no room in the house where the dog is in the house and the picture of the animal is in it."
 [Sahih Bukhari, Fifth volume, Hadith No. 2 998 - Eifa]

Hazrat A'ishah states that the Prophet (peace be upon him) used to destroy all the things in the house or pictures of the animals in the house.

 Narrated by al-Humaidi (Muslim). He said, "We were in the house of Yasir bin Numair with Masruq (once)." Masruq saw some statues in the courtyard of Yashar's house and said, "I heard from'Abdullah bin Mas'ud and he heard the Prophet (peace be upon him) saying that on the Day of Resurrection, the most severe punishment will be among the people who make pictures.
 [Sahih Bukhari, Ninth Volume, Hadith No. 5526 - Eifa]

 Special permission is allowed to take photographs


Since it is obligatory for every male and female to acquire knowledge. As a result, it is permissible to take pictures in the mentioned field.


Job-business is an important issue It is important to save life And for that, it is legitimate to take photographs for job-related business.


If someone is unable to earn money from the country or someone is ill, then it is possible to treat them well in the country
It would be better if you go abroad. In this case, with the help of a passport, he can go abroad

Bank Account:

If money, gold ornaments, do not feel safe in your home Rather, there is a danger of robbery - robbery. In this case, the bank account with pictures
Make it valid.

Land Registry

 If it is necessary for someone to buy or sell the land later. It is permissible to take pictures.

Driving License:

Vehicles are currently an important issue. For many, the driving profession is also one of the halal kamaiyera medium, so taking photos is permissible.
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Islamic Pictures


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