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Monday, August 13, 2018

Islam and Science

Islam and Science

The Holy Qur'an is a proof, which is not only for the fourteenth-century Arabs but also for today's scientists. Literature and poetry are the tools of expression and creativity of the human mind. Literature and poetry once gained pride in the world, which has gained science and technology in the present era. Many non-Muslim scholars have admitted that the Qur'an is the best Arabic literature. There is no better literature than the second in the world.

No Surah of the Holy Qur'an will be found where Allah has not discussed directly or indirectly in acquiring knowledge.

There are many scientific statements in the Holy Quran. Although all the science-related statements are not yet verified by examinations, about 80 to 90% of these messages have been proven to be true based on the most well-known scientific information.

Islam and science are very extensive. That is not the end of the discussion in a small area. Below are some of the few things to try to highlight.

According to the rain rains

We know, about five and a half million tons of water mixed with air every year. All of this water comes back to the ground every year. If this return was not adjusted then the biodiversity would have been damaged. Because the depth of the polar ice layer increased. Scientists have researched that if the amount of water was mixed in less than this amount, then the biodiversity of the polar region would have been damaged.

 Allah has said in the Holy Qur'an:
"He is Allah, who has sent down water on the earth according to a certain amount, which can bring a dead land to life, just as you will be alive one day."
 (Surah Zukhruf: 11)

Expansion universe

The expansion of the universe is now proven scientific. 1925 AD astronomer Edwin Habale said with the help of observational evidence - each galaxy could keep distance from other galaxies. The other meaning is that the universe is expanding. The Quran has told us about the expansion of the universe 14 centuries ago.
Allah says: "I built the sky with the power of my own, and I must be its expansionist.
(Surah Al-Zariyat 47)

There are honey medicines

We know that Madhur has a medium antiseptic quality. If you put honey in the cut area, there is no any effect. There are plenty of lamps and lots of vitamins. Science
It proves that honey is out from the honeybee's body.
This relation is said in the holy Qur'an, Allah says: "Bees from the belly of the bees, drinks of various colors, in which people are healing"
 (Surah Nahl: 68, 69)

Moon light reflect light

Before people had the idea, the moon had its own light. But science now tells us that the light of the moon is reflected light. The Qur'an has told us this truth 14 centuries ago. Allah says, "Blessed be He who has made the heavens above a zodiac, and has placed therein the sun and the moon of light."
(Surah Furqan 61)

Rain and rain

At present, science proves that the hydroelectric system creates clouds over the air. But at the beginning of the twentieth century, people used to think that the wind is connected with rain, the wind drives the clouds away, and the rain is the same. But the Quran has told us about it 14 centuries ago.

Allah Almighty says in the holy Qur'an:
 "I have driven the wind from the wind and led it to the sky, and then sent down water from the sky, and then gave it to you, and you do not have its stock."
(Surah Hijr: 22)

Origin of the universe

Allah said in the holy Qur'an about the origin of the universe: "So hereafter he
He turned to the sky, which was a smell, and then he told him and the earth. You both come to the will or to the reluctantly. They came voluntarily.
(Surah Hamim as Sijdah 11)

 Science says that before all the galaxies were formed, all the substances were together in gases. Then the Holy Qur'an said about the origin of the universe. Science just said the same thing.

Sky cabin

 How is the sky on our head? In response to this question science has told us that there is no visible pillar of the sky. It has an invisible pillar gravity power. But this is the fact that the Quran has told us 14 years ago that the sky has no visible pillar.
Allah Almighty says in the holy Qur'an: "It is Allah who raises the heavens above
Without a visible pillar that you can understand.
(Surah Rād 2)

Water cycle

The current science has come to know that due to the crushing of the rain water in the cracks of the soil, the water is found. But it is said in this way that the Holy Qur'an says that Allah Almighty says, "He sends down water from the sky, and after the death, the land is rejuvenated. Surely in this, there are signs for people who are wise."  (Surah Al-Rumi-24)

Allah also says: "Do you not see that Allah sends down water from the sky, then He causes the water to flow in the springs of water, by which it produces different colors?
(Surah Jomar 21)

Allah says: "We send down water from the sky like a measure, then save it in the earth, and I am able to remove it."
(Surah Al-Mu'minoon 18

There is no end to the signs of Allah in this world. And there is also a reminder for people. To get all the practical knowledge of practical life, including science and technology, with urgent religious knowledge for Muslims and to study the diversity of the creation of Allah.
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