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Tuesday, January 22, 2019

Muhammad's visit to Ta'if, Hadith about taif.

Muhammad's visit to Ta'if, Hadith about taif.

The tenth year of Prophethood was Allah's The year of mourning for the Prophet (peace be upon him) This year he is his guardian and The sponsoring uncle lost to Abu Talib. Bihari Khadija (Ra) - a trusted partner of happiness, lost her life partner in a very short space.

Chacha Abu Taleb and beloved lover of life, Hazrat Khadiza. It is death. The Prophet (peace be upon him) became very worried at the death of uncle Taleb. Because Abu Talib was fighting against the persecution of non-Muslims in Makkah towards the Prophet (peace be upon him).

Shortly after this, Khadijah He died. He was not only the wife of the Messenger of Allah, but he first accepted Islam in the call of truth. Whenever the Prophet (peace be upon him) was afflicted by the enemy of Islam and he was confronted with distress, Khadija lowered his suffering and gave him solidity and courage.

Therefore, due to the deprivation of these two propositions, there was a great pressure on the mind of the Prophet (peace be upon him). It was quite natural. With the death of uncle Abu Talib and Hazrat Khadija (Ra) With the help of huur On this, the oppressors of Islam and the oppressors of Makkah The dark cloud of torture came down.

The cruel treatment of the Quraish inhuman and violent animals was not only with the Prophet (peace be upon them) but also on the ordinary Muslims. The big ruthless torture was carried out. Abu Lahab was Huzur Its uncle. Despite this, he was a fierce enemy of the Prophet (peace be upon them).

 Every moment he He used to try hard to get hurt. Wherever Abu Lahab saw Allah's messenger preaching to Islam, he would raise his voice from behind, saying, "O people! This person is evil and he Do not you listen to him, liar! " And others to Allah
The incitement against the Prophet

 As a result when Huzur He used to go all the way, everyone would follow him, have fun with him, laugh, throw stones at him. Because of these conditions, Makkah became narrow for the Messenger of Allah. In this background, the persecution of the Quraish was unimpressive and due to their disappointment, the Prophet (peace be upon him) decided to go to Taif in 50 miles away from Mecca to reach the invitation of religion to them.

Taif was in second place after Mecca in terms of settlement and prosperity. So the Prophet (peace be upon him) had gone to Ta'if for preaching Islam. The aim of the journey of Ta'if to the Prophet (peace be upon him) was to present the invitation to Islam to the people there and at the same time, the influential powerful tribe of Ta'if will persuade Bani Sakif at least that they will give the Prophet (peace be upon him) shelter there and cooperate with the message of Islam. But the people of Ta'if were being treated badly by the Prophet (peace be upon h im)Did it

These unfortunate people did not end this way. Taref's evil and evil nature has brought people to the people as if they were Huzur Who jokes with My lord These greedy people started throwing stones while walking. Hazrat Zaid bin Hareshah Make your body shield Who was trying to protect him from the rocks. Even one time his head bursts.

Striking a stone at the Huzur Its body becomes bloody. His shoes Mubarak also filled with blood circulating in the body. When the wounded used to go out of the wound, he would have been given a stand. Then the Huzur When it started to run again, the stone rains began. At the same time, in a humble and filthy language, the villagers were shouting at their voices and shouting with their hands.

The Prophet (peace be upon him) was hit by a blow
Become. Once fell unconscious. Hazrat Zaid bin Hareshah Huur sa Taking the back on the back, Taif brought the people out to the Utah and Shayabar garden. Sit there huur sa I pray.

A person named 'Adas' in the garden of Utba Shaira, is from the Prophet (peace be upon them)
Accepting Islam in hand. He brought some grapes to the Prophet (peace be upon him). Allah's Messenger Bismillahir Rahmanir Rahim He started to eat grapes. Then the person named Adda too
Surprised, he looked down on his face.

Huur sa Asked where you live and your religion
What? The man said he was a believer of Christianity and peace. Prophet (peace be upon them) He said, "Are you the man of the holy man's house - whose name was Yunus ibn Matta?" Asked to know, how do you know him? The Prophet (peace be upon him) replied, he is my brother. He was also a prophet, and I am also a prophet. Aadah asked Allah's Apostle his name, the Messenger of Allah said, 'Muhammad'.

 At the same time, the voice said, 'I have seen your Mubarak name in the Torah! And your attributes have been read! Then he said, I have been here for a period of time Waiting for me, let me introduce Islam! The Messenger of Allah presented him. Aadasa immediately after accepting Islam, she began to kiss the beloved Prophet's forehead, hands and feet.

The tour of Taib in the Prophet (peace be upon them) teaches us that we must have good ablaze, patience and tolerance for preaching Islam. Prophet Muhammad Its outstanding character can be conferred with the title "Khulk Azim" or "Great Character" in the Holy Quran Has been there.
Muhammad's visit to Ta'if, Hadith about taif, Historical places in taif, Importance of visit to taif
Muhammad's visit to Ta'if


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