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Monday, October 1, 2018

Khalifa meaning, Khalifa in Islam, 4 Khalifa of Islam.

Khalifa meaning, Khalifa in Islam, 4 Khalifa of Islam.

Khalifa meaning, Khalifa in Islam,

khalifa arabic words The meaning of the word caliph is the heir, the representative, the army chief. The khalifa is the Islamic religious and political leader, and the descendant of Prophet Mohammed (peace be upon him). Many people consider Khalifa as representative of Allah. The first four of the caliphs - the caliphs of Islam - were the relatives of the Prophet (peace be upon him)  The four Caliphs are-

4 Khalifa of Islam,

       1 Hazrat Abu Bakar (ra),

       2  Hazrat Omar (ra),

       3 Hazrat Osman (ra),

        4 Hazrat Ali (ra).

 After the death of Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him)  in 632 AD, in 661 AD, until the death of the fourth khalifa Hazrat Ali, to be considered as the real Khilafat or Khalafay Rashidin

Is there. After the Rashidun Khilafah, examples of other more Islamic caliphs are found, such as Ummaiya Khilafat, Abbasid Khilafat, Cordoba Khilafat of Spain etc. The last Khilafat was the Turkish Ottoman Khilafat.

During the Rashidan Caliphate, Islam spread wide open. Most Muslims think that the people of Rashidun Khilafat lived in peace, the Khalifah used to serve as a citizen of the people, everyone got justice. The Rashidun Caliph is discussed below:

1.Abu Bakr (ra)

After the death of Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) in 632 AD, Abu Bakr (ra) became the first Caliph. Abu Bakr (ra) was the first person to receive Islam after the Prophet (peace be upon him) relatives. He was the Khalifa for two years from 632 to 634. About Abu Bakr (ra) was the father-in-law of Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him), the father of the beloved wife, Ayesha (ra). After the death of Prophet Mohammed (peace be upon him), various Bedouins of Arabia revolted against the name of Riddha.

Immediately after the caliph, Abu Bakr (ra) has to face the rebels arriving in Arabia. Bedouins deny the authority of Abu Bakkar and Islam, and many people stop paying zakat. In the first year of the Khilafah, Abu Bakr (ra) suppressed this rebellion.

2.Hazrat Omar (ra) -

The second caliph was Hazrat Omar (ra). First Khalifa Abu Bakr (ra), before death
Hazrat Omar (ra) was nominated the second caliph. Khalifah Omar (ra) was the father-in-law of Prophet Muhammad. Omar was a skilled ruler and judge. He was known to everyone as "Al Farooq" for his thinking.

Hazrat Omar introduced the Hijri Calendar. During his time, the vast majority of Persia, Iraq, Palestine, Syria, Egypt, North Africa came under Muslim occupation. During this period, the Muslim empire expanded from the eastern Sindh to the west of Libya. Hazrat Omar (ra) was tolerant to other religions.

The Jews of Jerusalem who were oppressed in the Byzantine Empire, Omar released them. On November 3, 644, during a Fazr prayers in Al-Nabi in the mosque of Madinah, Pirz Nahad, a Parsi slave and non-Muslim, stabbed him for six consecutive times. He died on 7th November.

3.Hazrat Osman (ra) -

On November 11, 644, Osman (ra) took charge of the Caliph. Osman (ra) was a wealthy businessman. In 656, the new governor of Egypt sent one thousand armed men to the caliph Osman. At the same time, armed groups from Kufa and Basra also came to Madina. Medina Most of the residents are poor at this time, and a few people from the Umayyya tribe Support the caliph.

The khalifa forbade them if the loyal followers of the caliph asked permission to fight against the rebels. Because he believed that a Muslim should not fight against another Muslim. The rebels locked the caliph in the house and later killed him. At the time of killing Khalifa Osman (ra) was holding the Koran Sharif.

4.Hazrat Ali (ra)

The third khalifa, Osman was killed in 656. Muslims of Arabia then used to be different groups of Ansar, Mohajir, Egyptian, Kufah and Khaziris etc. Split up. During this time Talha, Al-Jubair and many others were the leaders of the rebel group. At the last moment, unselfishly for the sake of the Ummah, he agreed to become a caliph.

 Hazrat Ali (ra) married daughter Fatima, the only surviving descendant of the Prophet. After Ali (ra) being a Caliph, he appointed governors in different provinces Moabites of Damascus reject the order. Moabia and many others demand justice for the killers of Hazrat Osman (ra). But Ali was unable to take any action against helpless and rebellious leaders.

In 657, the Levant governor faces a siffiine against Moabia. The negotiation was resolved,  But then Hazrat Ali fought with the Khaziris, which was known as the battle of Nahrani. Hazrat Ali (ra) was performing prayers in the Ramadan Mosque in 661. At that time Abdal Rahman ibn Muljama hit Hazrat Ali with poisonous sword. He died 21st Ramadan
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Khalifa in Islam

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