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Monday, October 1, 2018

Karbala Story, battle of Karbala results, Imam hussain story.

Karbala story, battle of karbala results, Imam hussain story.

Karbala Story,  Imam  hussain story.

Karbala is the name of a city in Iraq. At that place, the youngest son of Ali and Fatima (R), the grandson of the Holy Prophet (peace be upon him), was martyred in Imam Hussein (A) 61 AH. When the word karbala heard the heart cried. Today it has been around 14 centuries, yet the memory of the events of Karbala did not even span. Because he is such a one The person is the center, whom Allah has made the leaders of Heaven.

Imam Hossain was born in 625 AD in the heart of Fatima (ra) - in Madinah. Ali (ra)
Was his father. Prophet Muhammad (peace and blessings of Allaah be upon him) used to love Husain. The Prophet (pbuh) used to call his daughter Fatima (ra): O Fatima! Hasan Hossain will not quench I feel pain in it. Hey Allah! I love Hasan and Hussein, you love them and those who love them Love them.

Muslim world rule Mu'awiyah (ra). Islami after reaching old age
Think of the power of the state head of the state to be handed over. Eventually, he came from Damascus to Mecca and Madina in the Hajj season. yazid's name as the next ruler was proposed by prominent leaders of both places, such as Imam Hussain (ra), Abdullah bin Umar (ra), Abdullah bin Jubair (ra). They are Muabiya (RA) rejects the proposal and made the counter proposal 3.

       1. You have to follow the way the Prophet (peace be upon him) followed the ruling. He did not replace anyone, leave the matter on the verdict of the nation.

       2. Or follow the method of Hadrat Abu Bakar Siddiq (ra). With no advice, choose a suitable person from among the Quraish, except the Bani Mu'awiyah.

       3. Or, like Hazrat Umar Farooq (RA), form an election committee for this purpose. After you, this committee will select one of them as the Caliph. Approval of the proposal of respected leaders on power transfer question Mu'awiyah failed to gain.

battle of Karbala results,

On behalf of Ameer Mu'awiyah, Yazid was declared the ruler of the Muslim world. After the death of Moab, according to his directive, 680 AD yazid Governance takes control. The Muslim people are disturbed by the power of Yazid's rule Got up If you want to protect the leadership of the AGG at this critical juncture, you have to sacrifice the ideals of Islam.

 And if we want to welfare Islam, we have to deny the regime of yazid. Imam Hossain chose both ways to abandon the latter. And as a consequence of this, heartbreaking incidents of Karbala took place (61 AH 10E Muharram-680 AD).

The sad consequences of Karbala war commanders

      1 yazid

Yazid, the commander of the incident of Imam Hussain's martyrdom Yazid died of an unknown disease. His followers buried in unknown places in the dark of night. To this day no one has found Yazid's grave.

     2. Amr bin Sabi

Amr bin Saabi proudly said, "I did not get the chance to kill any of the Companions of Hussein, but I was able to do many injuries by throwing arrows. They were killed with a spear in front of everyone.

       3. Hakim Bin Tofael

Hakim bin Tofail threw arrows to Imam Hossain. So he was later killed and raised his head in the front of the spear in front of Mukhtar Sakaafira
Was brought.

       4. Zaid bin Rekhat

 Zaid bin Rekat threw arrows at the forehead of Abdullah bin Muslim bin Akil (ra). So he was captured and burned alive.
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 Karbala Story

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