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Monday, October 1, 2018

Kaba history, About kaba, Kaba black ston, kaba fact, why is the kaba important?

Kaba history, About kaba, Kaba black ston, kaba fact, why is the kaba important?

 why is the kaba important?

Every year hundreds of thousands of Muslims go to Mecca to make Tawafah to Kabah. Qibla Kaaba Sharif of Muslims From the beginning of creation, Allah has confessed Kabah as a reconciliation of His chosen servants. Geographically, the center of the globe in the center of the circle is considered as the center of the Earth. Umula Kura University's research center director Khalid Babatin's study found that the center of the world's holy Ka'bah located in Saudi Arabia. (Al Arabiya: 23 July, 2012)

Because of the center of the world in Meccanagari, Allah Almighty placed Kababar in Makkah. Millions of Muslims went to Mecca Sharif to perform Holy Hajj. Hajj is held between 8 and 12 of Zillhaj. On the 10th of the month of Zilhaj, Eid al-Azhar's day This day is to be sacrificed. Which has been carrying memories of Prophet Abraham (peace be upon him) and Prophet Ismail (AS) for thousands of years.

Zamzam wells are carrying the memories of Prophet Ishmael (as) and his mother, Bibi Hajara (AS). This Zamzam well is the manifestation of the power of Allah's power only. Hajj is one of the pillars of faith in the Muslims. Allah Almighty, the owner of Hefajat in the holy city of Mecca is Allah Himself. Meetings of world Muslims take place through Hajj in Holy Ka'ba Sharif

About kaba:

The height of the Kaaba house is 15 meters. It is 12 meters long east-west and 10 meters north-south. The floor is made of valuable marble tiles. There is a dark green color tiles in the middle of the floor white marble and the place of prayer and prayer of the Prophet (pbuh) has been identified.

Wrapped up to four meters above the marble tiles of artificial marble tiles. From the top of it to the ceiling, the remaining five meters of wall covering the ancient Gilaf of the Kaaba. There is only one door to enter inside. According to the Ossiyat of the Prophet (peace be upon him), the key of the door of the Kaaba is kept near the tribe of Bani Shayra. Because, Prophet (pbuh) himself has given them this honor.

 Kaba black ston

Before the Hajj festival every year, the inner house of the holy Kaaba was washed by the water and soap of Jamjam. In the southeastern corner of the Kaaba, a black-colored stone has been established at a height of one and a half meters from the place of Tawaf. It is called Hajr Aswad. Its lexical meaning is black stone. To the Muslims it is recognized as a very precious and sacred stone.

kaba fact,  Kaba history

On the first earth, the angels built the Kabawhara by Allah's command. According to Abu Hurairah Gifari, the Prophet (peace be upon him) answered one of his questions: "The first mosque in the world is the mosque, Next mosque is the Mosque in Aqsa. 40 years after the construction of the mosque is made in the mosque. " (Muslim Sharif)

When Adam and Eve and Eve (AS) met together in the world, they both expressed gratitude to Allah. Adam (A) praying to Allah, a mosque for worship. Allah accepts their prayers and establishes a holy Ka'bah in the form of Baitul Mamur. Here the Prophet Adam (peace be upon him) is worshiping Allah (peace be upon him) in truth (Shu'ab-ul-Iman, Hadith)

The Prophet Adam (peace be upon him) rebuilt Kababghar by the order of Allah. After that it has passed a long time. Then he rebuilt Hazrat Shis (as) Kabah. Then Ibrahim (ra) made or rebuilt Kaaba Sharif. Hadrat Ibrahim (AS) with Ishmael (AS) constructed or rebuilt the Kabawar.

Then hundreds of years have passed. The Amalika community reformed the Holy Kaaba. Then more than hundred years or thousands of years have passed. The holy Kabghar reform was reformed by the Jurassa community of Mecca. The maintenance of the Kaaba Sharif was the responsibility of all the tribes or communities that were in Arabia, ie Mecca. They considered to be honorable and proud. Centuries have passed since centuries. The people of Moza reformed Kaaba Sharif and Kababhar.

Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) 570 AD Was born. After the reform of the Ka'iishah Kabah Sharif, there was a difference of opinion about the establishment of Aswad. With the consent of all, the Messenger of Allah placed in the Ka'bah in Aswan Ka'ba Sharif. Prophet Muhammad (pbuh), who was alive in 64 AH, Abdullah ibn Zubair (ra) Kaaba Sharif was reformed. Hajjaj bin Yusuf reformed the Kaaba Sharif in 74 hijri.

Qibla change

Until 622, Muslims used to pray in front of the al-Aqsa mosque in Jerusalem. In 623, the order to pray for 'mosque' al-Haram 'or to the Ka'bah comes from Allah. Allah says, "Surely I see you turning to the sky again and again, I will surely turn you towards the qiblah whom you like, now turn your face towards the mosque, and turn to the place where you live, They certainly know that this is exactly from the Lord, and Allah is not unaware of what they do. " (Surah Al-Baqara - 144)
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Kaba history 

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