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Monday, October 1, 2018

Ibn Sina - Avicenna, Life of ibn sina, Ibn sina invention.

Ibn Sina   -  Avicenna, Life of ibn sina, Ibn sina invention.

Ibn Sina   -  Avicenna, Life of ibn sina,

Ibn Sina, the most powerful person in history, Ibn Sina is one of the four best scientists of Islam. Ibn Sinar's full name is Abu Ali Ibn Sina. He was born in 920 in Afshana, near Bukhara. Ibn Sina was the best scientists of all time One. His contribution to medical science is so important that nearly 700 years of his writings were taught seriously in Oxford, Cambridge and at nominal universities of Europe, until the end of the eighteenth century.

An outstanding talented one The famous philosopher Al Nathali bin Sina gave knowledge about all matters. He is Ibn Sina advised to study independently. A famous. His name spreads as a doctor everywhere.

Ibn Sina's talent came from all over the world and he was considered as a surprise during that time. At the age of 10, the child Ibn Sina was able to memorize the holy Qur'an. At the age of 19, Ibn Sina earned outstanding scholarship in science, philosophy, history, economics, politics, theology, medical science, mathematics, geometry, poetry and literature. Students from different countries read to him Came.

Ibn Shinar's wonderful life

Ibn Sina is one of the best medical practitioners in history, mathematician, astronomer and philosopher. The experts of Iran, Turkey, Afghanistan, Russia and other countries claim this great philosopher as their national scholar. King of Bokhara once suffered a severe disease. King Ibn Sinar has heard a good reputation. So he called for him.

Ibn Sina observed the king deeply and became aware of his disease. Afterwards
He was recovering only for a few days of treatment. The King was very pleased with Ibn Sina. Asked him, what would you be happy to receive? Books of Ibn Sina Library

Asked for opportunity. The king gave it a chance. Ibn Sina memorized all the books in the library. At the age of 19, he earned outstanding scholarship in all facets and sections of knowledge. He gained immense knowledge on medical science, poetry and literature, mathematics, geometry, ethics, dogma, science, philosophy, history, economics, politics.

Gaznani Sultan Mahmud Khorasan occupied. As a result 1004 AD he kawarizam
Accept political asylum. When Ibn Shin became famous all around, the sultan of Ghazni, Mahmood loved the wise people. He used to place them in his court in their honor. He would give gifts to the Pandit people. Sultan Mahmud bin Shinar made 40 portraits and sent them to the kings of Iran and Asia Minor. Ibn Sina is sent to Ghazni.

 Ibn Sina did not agree with the proposal of Sultan Mahmud. He started his journey in uncertain way in 1015 AD, because he was not safe in Khawarijam. Ibn Sina went to Rao province thinking of his own safety. There he started writing the book. But seeing his knowledge, intelligence and dignity, many of the King's nobles became jealous.

They started a conspiracy against him. After that he went to Kaznvi and then went to Hamadan town. In Hamadan, Ibn Sina writes in his famous book, Ash Shifa and Al-Kanoon Hand out. He took political asylum in Hamadan.

Later, the King of Hamadan fell ill. But no doctor was able to cure his disease. As a result, the soldiers find Ibn Sina. The king was healed in his treatment. Ibn Sina is again appointed minister. But after the death of King Shams-ud-Daulah, Ibn Sina went to Ispahan.

Ibn sina invention.

Ibn Sina earned a reputation throughout the world in medical science. Ibn Sina concludes the unfinished writing of his famous books As-hsefa and Al Kanun. The Al Qanoon book brings a revolution in medical science. Nobody could compose such a great book in that era. It is translated into Latin, English, Hebrew etc.

The Al Kanun book was a long time textbook in European medical colleges. Al-Qanun is divided into 5 large sections. The page number is more than 4 million. The book has a detailed explanation of the cause of more than 100 complex diseases, symptoms and pathhyas. In fact, modern medicine

The father of science is Ibn Sina As- Shifa is an invaluable book of philosophy.
It is divided into 20 vols. In this, all matters including politics, economy, animalism and botanism have been enclosed. Ibn Sina composed nearly hundred books on materials such as philosophy, philosophy, theology, geometry, mathematics, medical science, literature etc. He worked hard to improve human welfare and knowledge in science. Many places travel in search of knowledge.


He lived in different countries and regions throughout the world, and in the last days he returned to Iran in Hamadan. In 1037, father of modern medical science Ibn Sina died. He was buried in Hamadan.
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Ibn Sina   -  Avicenna

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