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Tuesday, October 2, 2018

Azan meaning, History of azan, Azan text. Azan words.

Azan meaning, History of azan, Azan text. Azan words.

Azan meaning:

Azan was introduced in 1st Hijri. The only way to call people for prayers is Azan.
Azan 'means the declaration sound. Terminology - Calling for salat in a high way in the prescribed manner in the prescribed time is called "Azan".

The virtue of Azan

 It was narrated from Mu'awiyah that the Prophet (peace be upon him) said that on the Day of Resurrection, the Muhajjin will be entitled to a long life. (Sahih Muslim, Hadith 387)

The Prophet (peace be upon him) said that the person who will offer Azan for seven years in the hope of reward, will be released from Hell for liberation.
(Jame Tirmidhi, hadith 204)

Abu Huraira ra. Narrated: The Prophet (peace be upon him) said that if people knew Azan and the first row of the rays of the Qatar, they would have tried to achieve it, although they made lotions. (Sahih Bukhari, Hadith 615, 2668; Sahih Muslim, Hadith 437)

History of Azan:

In the early days of Islam, prayer was done without the Azan in the holy city of Mecca. When the Prophet (peace be upon him) built a mosque by immigrating to Medina, he felt the need to ensure a specific signal to gather to participate in the prayers of the Muslims and sought advice from the Companions. The meeting took place in the consultation meeting to set the signals for the participation of the companions in the prayer. In the consultation meeting, 4 proposals are presented, namely-

         1 Jhanda hoop
         2. Fire light
         3 Playing the trumpet
         4 Playing drums

4 proposals of Parasharsh Sarkar were rejected. Because all the people will not be able to see them from home or away from flying in Jhanda. Secondly the fire is the work of fire worshipers. Thirdly, the work of Christians playing the trumpet and the work of the fourth of the jihadis playing the fourth drum. That is why the consultation meeting was made without solution.

Sahabayekramam, thinking of the matter, went to his house. On that night, Hazrat Abdullah bin Zaid dreamed that "a person was carrying a trumpet and asked that person to sell the horn." When I asked for the reason for buying the horn, Abdullah bin Zaid said, "I will call people to pray for the trumpet. Then the owner of the trumpet said, would I not tell a good thing from this? He taught Ajan's words to him.

In the morning, Hazrat Abdullah bin Zaid appeared in the court of the Prophet (peace be upon him) and told him the dreams. The Messenger of Allah (peace be upon him) said, "Your dream is true, you teach Balal the words of Azan.

Hazrat Umar (May Allah be pleased with him) heard Hazrat Belal Azan with the words taught by Abdullah bin Zayed Ran to the court of the Prophet and said, O Messenger of Allah! The one who has sent you as a true Messenger. Of course, I have seen these words in a dream. "It is to be noted that 14 people from the same dream seen the same night, which by Hazrat Belal (may Allah be pleased with him) regularly used to give Azan for the prayer.

         Azan text. Azan words.

       Allahu Akbar means - Allah is the greatest (4 times)

       Ashhud Allah Allaah Ilallah means - I testify that there is no god except Allah (2 times)

       Muhammad Rasulullah means - I testify that Muhammad is the Messenger of Allah (2 times)

       Hya Alas Salah means - Come to the Prayer (2 times)

       Haa Alal Falah means - come to the welfare (2 times)

       Allahu Akbar means - Allah is the greatest (2 times)

       La ilaha illallah means - There is no god except Allah (1 bar)

The following line will be added only during Fajr Azan: Assalamatu Khairum Minn Naum in the middle of "Hya Alal Falah" and "Allahu Akbar" meaning - Salat is better (2 times)
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