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Friday, August 24, 2018

Makka Madina

Makka Madina

Holy city of Mecca and Medina. When the name of Mecca and Madina heard the hearts of the believers became overwhelmed. Historical reasons Mecca and Medina are very important. Especially, these two cities are very respectable and sacred to Muslims.

Mecca Sharif's most beautiful place


The mosque is the most sacred place of Islam, which is surrounded by the holy Ka'ba. Mosque-Al-Haram is the world's largest and most beautifully decorated mosque. For the Hajj and the Umrah, the mosque has to go to Haram. Zamzam is situated in the well in the mosque. Earlier, there was a part of Zamzam on the Motherfaf. Later it was thrown underground and arranged to lift the water with the help of a pump.

Jabal al-Nur:

Jabal Noor or Hera Mountain near the Haram area of ​​Mecca, in the Jabal, there is noor or the hill of Hara. Jabal-al-Noor near the city of holy city of Mecca
Located. A cave located on the top of this hill is called 'Hira Guha'. Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) used to meditate in this cave and the first verse of the Holy Qur'an came down here.

Arafa Maidan:

Arafat mountain is one of the beautiful tourist attractions of Mecca Sharif. This is the place of reconciliation of the first human Hazrat Adam (A) and Hazrat Hawa (A) in the world. The speech of Prophet Mohammad (peace be upon him) in the field of Arafat that the world prophet presented is the historic speech of goodbye to Hajj.

Hera Guha

The name of a hill in the city of Mecca is Jabal Noor. A cave located on the top of this hill is called 'Hira Guha'. This is the most important establishment in the history of Islam. In this cave, the Prophet Muhammad (s), the latest prophet of Islam, used to meditate. Herera Guha and Jabal Noor are very dear to these places and Muslims.

Kabah Sharif's Fajilatah

Geographically the position of the holy Ka'ba Sharif in the middle of the round earth Holy Ka'ba Sharif is the living sign of the Almighty Allah on earth.

Allah said, "Allah Almighty has created the honorable house Kaabah as a reason for stability and stability of the people."
 (Surah Maidah, verse 97)

The Prophet (peace be upon him) said, "When someone cares for you to fulfill the natural need, he should not keep the Ka'bah forward or backward." (Muslim Sharif)

Allah Almighty says, 'Preach the announcement of the Holy Hajj among the people. They will walk from far and wide and walk on you with all kinds of harps. "(Surah Hajj, Verse 27)

Madina Sharif

Medina city in the north-west of Saudi Arabia and before the Red Sea. Medina surrounded by many mountains. The height of this city is 620 meters (2034 feet) above sea level. North of Madina, Ohud mountain, Dakhinay al-i'r, Salah in the northwest and Al Hujaj mountain in the west.

Masjid Nababih

'Mosque Nabawi' means the Prophet's Mosque. The place of the nawab of Al-Madinah is only after Ka'bah Sharif. At one time this mosque was the Islamic state and the Muslim civilization- the center of culture. During the first construction, the area of ​​the mosque was 70 cubits in the north-south and 60 in the east-west. In the time of the Prophet (s) and during the caliphate Rashidin, there was no monument or dome in the mosque. The mosque was expanded on 7th Hijri. At that time there were 3 gates to enter the Medina Mosque. The main entrance was on the south side with which the worshipers entered the mosque and went out.

On the west wall was the second entrance to the mosque known as "Babe Rahmat". The third entrance was on the eastern wall with which Muhammad (pbuh) entered the mosque. The reward of 50 thousand rak'at is available when one rakat prayer is offered in the mosque.

Roza Mubarak of the Messenger of Allah (s)

He was buried in the room of the Prophet (peace be upon him) in the house of'Umul Mu'minin Hazrat Aisha, and there he was buried there. Now after the expansion of the mosque, his grave has been included in the Mubarak mosque. The place between Roza Mubarak and Mimbar of Rasulullah (s) is known as 'Rojaje Jannat' or 'Reazul Jannah' or 'Garden of Paradise'; Which is very blessed. This place has special virtue.
It is narrated from'Abdullah bin'Umar that he said, the Messenger of Allah (s) said, 'My intercession will be obligatory for those who will offer my Roza' (Baihaqi).

Mosque kabah

Mosque of the Mosque of Madinah in the southwest of the mosque is located in Kuba. Before reaching Medina, after Hijrat, the Prophet (peace be upon him) first became a guest of Bani Amr ibn Auf in the village of Koba. Here he started the construction of the mosque for the first time. Vishwani walk on foot and walk to Kuba mosque and there are two rakahs
Used to earn. Hazrat Usaid bin Hussain Al-Ansari (May Allah be pleased with them) reported: The Messenger of Allah (peace be upon him) said, 'Praying for one's time in the mosque; Equivalent to the recovery of an Umrah from the reward. '(Tirmidhi)

The virtue of Medina Sharif

The Messenger of Allah (peace be upon him) said: Certainly the faith goes back to Madinah Sharif in such a way that the snake returns to its pit. (Bukhari and Muslim)

Allah's Messenger (peace be upon him) said: O Allah, bless you in Makka, give it twice in Medina Sharif. (Bukhari and Muslim)

The Messenger of Allah (peace and blessings of Allah be upon him) said: There are angels (guardians) in the streets of Al-Madinah, so that the pestilence can not even enter the Dajjal. (Bukhari and Muslim)
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Makka Madina


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